The Atlanta UNIX Users Group (AUUG)

Each meeting consists of a short period of announcements
regarding items of interest to the attendees.  The remainder
of the meeting is a talk by an invited speaker on various
topics which do not necessarily have direct connections to
UNIX but always seem to be of interest to those attending.

Some of our recent topics:

 - UNIX Performance FAQs
 - Service Management: How Important Is This to IT?
 - Cyberthreats and working with the FBI
 - Cost-Effective Desktop Computing
 - Why Integrity and Controls Are So Misunderstood
 - Business Continuance and Secure Provisioning with Solaris 9
 - Storage Virtualization
 - Whence Java?
 - Comparison of Open Source Databases
 - Surviving in Atlanta's I.T. Job Market
 - IBM's Linux Positioning Overview
 - Legal Issues in Software Development

If you are looking for an "organization", we are not it!  We
have been in existence since March 1985, and have yet to elect any
officers.  Everything is done by volunteerism.  The only thing that
might pass for a structure is a Steering Committee that meets at random
times consisting of whoever shows up, and chats about what topics might
be of interest at future meetings.  We have one person who labels
himself the "Corresponding Secretary"; that is how the membership
mailing list is maintained and monthly meeting notices are mailed.

No membership dues or meeting fees.  No membership screening committee.
Just show up.

No charter, no incorporation, no newsletter, no minimum number of
meetings to attend.  We will have anywhere from 35 to 65 people at
each meeting, since they know they will not be "roped into" some
project or committee.

We meet the first Monday of each month (except Labor Day or other
Holidays that fall on the first Monday).